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1. What is the energy due to motion called?

2. What is the persistence of sound in a room called?

3. What will materials with thesame charge do to each other?

4. The S.I unit of angular velocity is?

5. What does the infrared spectrum lie between?

6. What is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy called?

7. What is the displacement of a body per unit time?

8. What is the S.I unit of electric charge?

9. How does heat travel through a vacuum?

10. How long does it take the Earth to complete it's orbit round the sun?

11. What is the resistance value of an ideal ammeter?

12. Lubrication reduces friction because of?

13. Where do cosmic rays originate?

14. What do you call a piece of rock or metal that has fallen to the earth from space?

15. If a liquid is stirred,it ultimately comes to rest due to?

16. The process of the splitting up of a heavy nucleus into roughly two equal fragments with the emission of energy?

17. What is the unit of power?

18. What does a transformer convert?

19. What is the unit of force?

20. What type of bound occurs in covalent crystals?

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